Artists and painters

A diverse gallery of fine art throughout the ages

The Estades Gallery is a fine art gallery that prides itself on offering a diverse range of works created throughout history. Whether…

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Tracing the evolution of art in various cultures

Surrealism in abstract art has been one of the most profound artistic expressions in the history of mankind. It has sparked a…

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A homage to the creativity and vision of fine artists

Dive into art’s past, and you’ll find that fine art has always provoked curiosity, admiration, and reflection. It has offered an emotional…

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A visual journey through the history of fine art

Modernist marvels featured today take inspiration from a rich legacy of art forms that span centuries and continents. From the prehistoric cave…

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Uniting artistic visionaries from different eras

Celebrating fine artists’ perspectives, this article explores the unique and unexpected connections between artists from different eras. By mixing forms, exploring traditional…

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