Deciphering art and its symbols

Whether it is animals, plants or shapes, iconography remains a key detail in the history of art. There are many symbols. These symbols cross time and borders. Their meanings vary. The snake, for example, is seen as an object of fascination.

Painting trends to know

Discover the painting trends to know to dive into the history of painting. Here are the different pictorial styles from several painting movements.

International Gothic

This artistic style emerged between the 1380s and 1450s in Europe.

The renaissance movement

Like Renaissance art, Renaissance painting was inspired by antiquity.

Baroque painting

In a situation of religious conflict, Baroque art was born towards the end of the 16th century.

Art galleries between reality and the virtual

Thanks to virtual reality and 3D technology, many museums are now opting for digital exhibitions. This solution has been widely democratised in many countries around the world.

Virtual reality and 3D technology make it possible to reach a wider audience with a single exhibition.

The world's most famous painters

The appearance of many artists has strongly marked the history of art of successive generations. Many painters have renewed their artistic codes and conventions.

Leonardo da Vinci and his paintings The Mona Lisa and The Last Supper

The Mona Lisa holds many mysteries. The Last Supper raised the artist’s profile.

Michelangelo's Last Judgement fresco in the Vatican

Created by Michelangelo, this work was recommended by Pope Clement VII.

Art market, how to invest with peace of mind?

The art market is highly variable and can be a profitable source of income. Acquiring art is expensive and not everyone can afford an authentic work of art. Sales at art fairs reach exorbitant amounts. The art world can indeed become intimidating even on a smaller scale.

Artistic techniques, from learning to know-how

The collective action around the learning of artistic techniques aims to encourage intergenerational collaboration. It involves a complicity between the novice and the craftsman. Certain processes enable expertise to be developed.

Watercolour painting
Composed of pigments carefully mixed with a binder, watercolour painting is a very common technique.